THE FUCKING GOVERNMENT OF BRITISH COLOMBIA IS THE WORST. Their curriculum is shit and their schools even worse. I am currently in Grade 11 and when I’m older, hopefully, I could become a doctor and attend medical school. In order for me to pursue my dream, I have to take Biology 11, the worst class ever. I used to go to another school in a different place where Biology is mostly about humans, 2nd animals, and barely any plants. Here in this fucking province of British Columbia, BIOLOGY 11 IS ONLY ABOUT PLANTS. There is the smallest unit at the very end where we learn about classifying animals, but that’s it. We don’t learn fuck all about humans and our systems and cells and all that stuff. But apparently, BC wants to introduce all the human stuff in grade 12. Since I have to take Biology 11, I have to learn about all the fucking trees and different types of leaves and how to classify them and how to fucking tell someone that the FUcKinG Red AlDer iS cAllEd ALnuS RubRA in LATIN. I’m going to fail this fucking course and not be able to go into university because all universities care about is fucking marks which really depends on how well your teacher loves you. Well, my fucking bio teacher hates me. I’m already at a low mark in Bio already and it’s only been 4 weeks into school. I just wanna drop out and fucking live on the streets and starve to death. Oh and to make matters a fuck ton worse, I just moved across country so I have no friends at school, I walk the halls alone and fucking depressed as shit. I wonder if I kill myself if anyone would care.