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Fuck God!!!!!!!

I get so angry when people talk about how “god is our lord and savior ” or “praise god.” Its a bunch of bs. I don’t believe god is real. If he is real then he’s an asshole! People talk of him as some all powerful being, but in reality he lets people starve to death. He lets good people get cancer. He lets children die for no good reason. I think if someone murders or steals that they should be punished. But letting innocent good hearted people suffer or die is just as bad as murder just you didn’t do anything even though you could have helped them. Also, people say that he can’t just go around helping people like that but in the Bible he did as long as they followed his teachings.
Another thing that proves he is terrible. Imagine you have a father that says “I created you so you need to worship me and no one else. You must do what I say and teach others to praise me too. They should bring me offerings and trust that I will make everything better.” That’s close to slavery and they would be put in a mental care institute. That is what god does because He is a self centered bitch!
How much of an asshole do you need to be to let hundreds of good people die and suffer every day even though you could help them and stop their suffering. You would need to be a sosiopath for that. Prople say that if you believe in him that you will be delivered from despair and have good fortune. But while many dedicated Christians devote themselves to god they don’t get jackshit. Some very religious people who wholeheartedly follow the teachings of god and the story of the Bible end up homeless and/or dead.
Those are the reasons that I hate god. Though I do think that some of his teachings can make some people’s lives better I just don’t like god.


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    Just say a prayer dude maybe thatll help you

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