fuck love why do i need i got no body call they all fucking leave or ruin me even my best friend can’t fucking stay and in a few months ill never see her again so fuck i don’t even know if she will miss me so why care it why do i need to make a boy fall in love with me . why do i need to wear make up to be a girl i don’t see it what makes them so good why do they always will the ones who argue and are mean why am i not good in anything I’m not popular in school or smart at it the teachers hate me and I’m totally worthless . I’m gay there i said it I’m a non binary masculine person who hates there name emily and i hate my boobs there not me they are nothing i don’t belong to them and i never will do you now the terror pe is in school getting changed thinking like everyone is watching me having to be called a girl and split up from the lads its torture and i hate it non of them are me i am the outsider the forgotten i swear to god if i wasn’t there no one would care i wouldn’t make a difference maybe make there life a little easier to deal with . why couldn’t i just be normal . a girly girl who is straight who isn’t petrified of coming out to people if i was normal for just a day id be so happy but i wake up living a lie and i go to sleep living a lie fuck this id rather be in hell who knows maybe this is it i just wanna be normal be loved feel important to someone