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Fuck nice guys, cause they’re usually assholes.

Why the hell is it that im constantly being damaged by other guys?! I meet a “nice guy” and we hit it off but of course I always have to make the first move! Do you know how fucking shitty that makes me feel to have never had the first move made to me?! It makes me feel unwanted. But, that’s not the point of my rant. My point is that everytime I start talking to a guy they always find a way to pull back from me. They just start to distance themselves after less than a week. The guy ive recently been talking to is older than me and nobody seems to approve of it so we decided to hold off and just wait until the right time came along. But immediately after we said we would wait, he told me that he didn’t want me to simply cease talking to him as we would talk the entire day. Of course I replied and promised him that I would never do that and that I cared about him too much to simply back out now. I meant that whole-heartedly and I am honestly starting to fall in love with him. But…hes not been talking to me nearly as often as he used to. Sometimes, like today, he wont even try to come in contact with me. So WHY THE HELL WOULD HE MAKE ME PROMISE TO NEVER LEAVE WHEN HE’S SLOWLY BACKING OUT?!??!?!?!?! I just don’t know what to do anymore. I don’t want to seem needy by any means and continue trying to talk to him when hes not putting any effort into this friendlationship. Im so done trying to make shit work out when im clearly not wanted in anybodys fucking life. Fuck “nice guys”!


I’m just done!


fucking friend of 7 years


  1. Roger

    I’m going to keep this short and sweet because I hand you a counter rant that applies here. You talk about not having the first move made on you? Ohhh,,,so sorry to hear you’re feeling slighted. I’m assuming you’re a woman and not some homo. Why didn’t you mention your gender by the way? Don’t you think it’s pertinent to this rant?
    Let me get down to brass tacks here. I’m a 58 year old guy that’s had a couple of short relationships throughout my life, no kids, no divorces. The point being is that as I watched Women’s Liberation in the 70,s get taken over by the “Gay Power” lesbians, your feminist movement has been rotting from within from the lesbians agendas, not the heterosexual women’s agendas.
    Men aren’t blind or stupid, you know. We see what goes on with all this weird stuff like “Ban Bossy”,,,or,,,”All men are rape apologists”,,etc, etc, etc. Men are getting extremely wary of investing their time, feelings and finances into women who bring what to the table? A desire to feminize their BF,s to a feminist ideal instead of a mutually agreeable compromise?
    You can say,,”But I don’t do that”. and maybe you don’t. But do YOU do your part in facing down these over entitled lesbian power elite in Washington? Even a tiny little thing that could help turn the tide of man hate? Grassroot movements start with baby steps and men will more than likely support egalitarianism rather than feminism. If you get involved in an anti-feminist group, you’ll find like minded women who want true equality, but not superiority over men. Your guy, when he finds out may even go to the meetings with you. They should include men as well anyways. You could find him breathing in your ear to get home quick so you both can get stripped down for the hottest sex you’ll ever experience.

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