im so fucking sad and pissed right now. sad, because I always am (haven’t been diagnosed with any mental illness, but questioning) and pissed because of my parents parenting. this is the scenario 10 minutes ago- im thinking at the dinner table about (more) problems that happened that day and started to get teary and mentioned quite politely to my parents that I didn’t like questioning at that moment. they talk to each other, right in front of my fucking face like “here we go again” “she’s in one of t h o s e moods, just ignore her” i finish my meal and leave because i didn’t have time for that crap as just before dinner they were mocking me about my daily activities which upset me again. later, i went along to say im going to bed bc that’s just what ive done my whole life bc they want me in bed at 7:30 (tf?) they just straight up ignored me despite me being on the verge of tears again. eventually they got annoyed with my crying and said something (explicit so rewording) around the lines of “we’re going to treat you with no respect if you don’t do as we say” they’re such fucking cunts. i can’t escape them as i am still in highschool and no where else to go.