so my sister in law came into me & my partners room while we were sleeping to get blankets & somehow thought it would be funny to take photos of her brother while sleeping which we found out the next day but did nothing, I mentioned it to my mother & she hit the roof so i had to say something to my sister in law about it which i did & i was fine about the photo & my sister in law seemed okay but said it was aimed at her brother as thats “their kind of humour” but then calls my boyfriend &starts yelling at him, Like Why The Fuck are you mad? 1. if the photo was meant for your brother at not aimed at me why get me in it? 2.Why take a pic in the first place just grab your blankets & GTFO 3. Why you taking photos of your brother considering he was naked in the photo? 4. Are you Fucked in the head, whats so funny about it?