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fuck that one kid

Yo fuck that one kid in school who all the girls think is super attractive but he really has no fucking top lip and is just a generic looking white boy with tiny little titties so girls drool all over him and think he’s the shit. He look like a fucking bird with that deviated septum bitch. He isn’t ugly but he isn’t special. Y’all really need to stop. and then this smug ass kid knows or thinks he’s the shit and just has this arrogant ass attitude like that he knows he’s attractive and it’s not confidence it’s conceit and i can literally smell that shit a mile away and it pisses me off sooo much like if anyone ever gassed my generic looking ass i would not be arrogant about it at all y’all really need to stop hyping up these basic white boys and making them think they can have any girl in the world looking like fuckin malcolm in the middle bc that’s why they think they can stick their dick anywhere they want




My family hates me


  1. Anonymous

    The funny thing is that one attractive kid that all the chicks were sweating ended up being an a****** and breaking up with them weeks later. All of those Chicks ended up wanting to be with me, or someone like me, and just found out too late. The biggest laugh was that when they see me now, they are nowhere near as attractive as they once were, they ended up with some broke looser, or alone cause noboby could stand them…so guess what: they did me a favor…thats the cycle of life.

  2. Anonymous

    I was one of those guys growing up. The truth is I had no clue what was going on. I was afraid to ever talk to someone or let them know because I knew it would come back to me. It took some time but when I found someone who I really wanted to be with and she left it just turned me back into that asshole. I much older now and married, I feel bad about some of my past but I did find a grate Wife and have been with her for 20 solid years with no distractions.

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