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Fuck you, Massachusetts

Fuck you and your shitty roads. And fuck all you Masshole drivers.






  1. Fuckyou Massachusetts drivers

    I am on vacation and passed thru Boston. All Massachusetts drivers never give a space, with my directuon signal turn on I had to pass 5, 6 cars to change the lane. One car almost hit me, i honked and he gave me a middle finger. Fuck you assholes

  2. Carley

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  3. Alexander

    I am from Massachusetts but I can’t feel any negativity towards this man’s rant. My own criticism of the peoples republic of Massachusetts is that it gets uptight and authoritarian sometimes. People think that Massachusetts is a liberal state but it is not. It is a “””liberal””” AUTHORITARIAN STATE! We have more than our share of stupid laws. This election I am going to give the government of Massachusetts my own “Fuck You” by voting to legalize Marijuana!

    • Marlien

      OMG How crazy can it get!? They issued a &quut;copy&qoot; of Ron Pollard's COLB?! Hahahahaaaa! Now that's too insane. Hawaii Dept. of Health might as well "fess up" cause they're gonna get caught in all the lies. It's coming!

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