Ok henny, lemme spill the tea with you girl ok. So my girl C been trippin as hell y’all. She got this “best friend” that treats her poorly as helllll. Like girl is rude, condescending, just overall trash to my girl C ok. I don’t like this girl because she is a straight up bully to my main hoe C, aight. I told my friend C this and she goes and tells the girl that i do not like her and the girl sends me a picture of her middle finger. I get mad and ask my friend and my friend deadass tells me the other girl asked her if it was ok to send me that and C said yes. She for real thought to herself and was like ” oh this is fine :)” ok. so i yell, she yells, other stuff goes down you know regular stuff. A couple weeks later she realizes what trash the other girl is and decides to take a break fro her for a while. So turns out that ” break” lasted a whole ass couple of days ok. This other girl is sleeping over at C’s house as we speak homie. I ask my girl C why and call her out on it bc that some bs. I still haven’t looked at it bc it is late at night and i’m not about to escalate the situation at 11pm on a Friday. Ok i will deal with it tomorrow but a girl needs some advice, what can i do about all this?