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I like this girl, like shes my dream girl in every way, not only is she gorgeous (and i mean beautiful) but her personality is amazing, best ive ever seen. Right so anyways, always get along well.. so today she tells me she pikes my “best friend” anyway buddy has a girlfriend and im just sitting here like what the actual fuck, why does it always happen, im not a bad looking guy and thats not being cocky, but my last 3 girlfriends have left me for my friends and now the girl ive liked since day one likes my bestfriend tf do i do man


My first dog



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  1. Anonymous

    nothing’s wrong with u my dude leave this girl u like. she’s a hoe if she likes ur bestfriend while he has a girl then u should know if she’s ever in a relationship she WILL fall for another guy and cheat.

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