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global warming is real

What is wrong with Trump? how the fuck did he even become president? he thinks global warming is hoax… ??? how retarded do you have to be to ignore pure science? ITS A LITERAL FACT. GLOBAL WARMING IS REAL. the world is going to die if we dont do something about global warming. but trump is a complete dip shit and chooses to ignore it. i pray to the fucking lord that trump doesn’t get reelected in 2020.


Apps that fight poverty


Bunch of verses In the middle of hard times


  1. Anonymous

    Trump is old, angry, likely cannot have sex like he used to and is willing to take it out on the entire planet. He enjoy fighting, is a sadist and a narcissist, sociopath. He will have a mountain of trouble soon though. He is connected to the Russian mob and his banking details prove it. Conspiracy, money laundering, obstruction of justice, tax evasion – he’s fucked. Dems will retake positions of power in 2018. Like the other poster said – ” Do not worry”

  2. Anonymous

    Do not worry

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