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God and science

Ok, so let me start by saying I am a physics and political science major and a very good college. I am also a devoted Christian. I would like for everyone reading this to know that christianity is not religion it is a way of life. That is why Jesus said “I am the way, the truth, and the life…”
I made this rant because I came across a video on YouTube produced and put up by an atheist (that has refused to debate theism with me). This video was a video that pretty much said that science and christianity were two separate things.
I am here to say otherwise. So let’s start with the beginning. The big bang. Alot of Christian’s are like “what has Christian he cant believe in that.” Well guess what it is quite believable and biblical. So God said “let there be light” correct? Well as science has become more and more advanced, we have learned when two hydrogen atoms collide, just like in the big bang, it produces a bright light so there is that. But yall are probably like so that’s no proof at all. Well guess what two hydrogen atoms cannot magically move towards each other. Assuming these atoms are neutral as most are, we can look at Newton’s laws. An object at rest stays at rest unless acted on by another force. Which means that something pushed those two atoms together with so much force they had to be moving at super sonic speeds. Who did it?
Ok this is long so if you made it this far I will give you a break. All I want from you is to look up what causes gravity. If you find 3 sources that say the same thing than please post them on the comments. Thank you for baring with me through this. Sorry it was so long.


Steve Zack – Seattle Washington


Fucked over


  1. Anonymous

    “let there be light” —- my goodness.

  2. Anonymous

    Any atheist is going to refuse a debate with you, you were brainwashed from birth and unfortunately you’re looking really, really hard for truths to align with the bible. The bible was written by people, people MADE UP the story of God. Please stop discrediting the beauty of the universe. This is such a silly rant. I have no patience for this.

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