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God is a loser

I found god…

The being is a retarded creep that prostitutes it’s good children and kills their souls while he sexually gratifies retarded faggots.

God is a revolting piece of shit that would rather be sexual with retards than play and have fun with his good kids.

If there was ever a being that belongs in hell it would be the creator


You are trash


double standards


  1. Angela

    Man of Science, probably because he think the God of Bible did not meet his moral standards of being good.

    God is awesome especially now that it is Saturday our Sabbath day, the same God who bring global flood now bring global food with love.

  2. a man of science

    that is society’s written concept of god. We dont even know if a god exists, how could God be how you say?

    • Anonymous

      No one knows what comes after life. Not the people that say everything goes black, nor the ones who claim God is real, the devil etc., no one even knows if there is an after life. Not one person on this planet has proof. Not one. The bible and other books are merely a philosophical guide nothing more. Some of the life lessons are good, some not so fucking good. All man made to soothe our curious yet frightened nature.

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