You are a cunt, you have always been a loudy, bitchy, obnoxious, dumb fucking cunt. You gave my brother money to buy his condo (around 25,000 dollars), he didn’t need the money, he was already established. I just finished college and I am waiting to start my job, I asked for you to help me pay my student loans for one month. You agreed, but when it came time to pay. You claimed to “not be able to afford it”…….YOU HAD 25,000 DOLLARS TO GIVE TO MY BROTHER WHO HAS NEVER DONE ANYTHING FOR YOU BUT WHEN I ASK FOR 200 DOLLARS YOU LIE AND THEN PULL THAT “I CAN’T AFFORD IT” BULLSHIT!!!!!!!! FUCK YOU! I will not forgive this or forget, I have always helped you and been there for you. Your other son has done NOTHING for you yet he is the favorite and gets 25,000 dollars. You deserve every bad thing that happens to you. You will never know who your grand children are, I will tell them you died. I will hurt you in the way that you have hurt me, and by hurt you know what I mean. The forgetting of my birthdays, you “forgot” a number of them, yet for some reason you never forgot his. You never forgot to take him out for his birthday and get him a gift. For years, I received NO happy birthday, NO card, NOTHING from you.