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I once tried to look down your wifes blouse. she was bending over so I figured WHAT THE FUCK. Is that how you spell guinea.? I mean it in the derogatory sense.
Mmmmmhhhhmm thinkin’ bout that sexy wife of yours. Don’t think you’ll be able to hang on to her. I mean look at her. I don’t think she really even knows how hot she is. If you saw what I saw you’d make her a stay at home mom asap
Do you wanna strangle me? Dgaf. I’m going to be thinking about that time she had to get my finger print to get me into the system and how she was wearing these tight clothes. Very professional but very tight. I was so fucking creepy just taking in the sight of that perfection. I know zilch about you but by look alone you seem like you would be really annoyed at someone fantazing about your new bride. Even me.
Is jeefuth gonna strike me down? Fuck you. I’m cutting down my internet use severely soon but I think I might still check up on her. she deleted her Facebook page? Oh well I still have her image burned into my brain short stack!

Sheesh that face. That body. If you’re lurking where you shouldn’t be then you are completely unworthy of that. Just totally fucking unworthy. Tell her I said hiya! I know you will shit head you two seem to share everything. I guess no secrets makes for a healthy marriage.




dont worry, it will end soon

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  1. Anonymous

    Get ass-raped then, I guess

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