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Guys, can u answer some of these things for me?

So i really don’t understand guys. They can be totally nice people one day and you guys are literally having a magical day, and then the next day they just don’t even want to engage in a conversation. Like how do you go from you both having so much fun and enjoying each others company to just not wanting to fucking talk the next. Literally my best friend who is a guy and i both have (had? idk) feelings for each other asked me out one day we talked so much that night and then the next day it was one worded answers, and barley keeping up a convo? WTF is happening in your mind pleaseee tell me so i know. Do you also want me to not put in effort in you anymore? Do you honestly think that nothing has changed? Are you on some man period i didn’t know about??? What is it?


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  1. Scott

    Hes a Dude. Thats why. Sometimes we have bad days just like you and when that happens we shut everyone out for awhile. Take time to deal with it alone, THEN go back to it. The opposite tends to be the case for girls. Yes Humans as a whole are very social creatures but the importance lies more heavily on girls. The many differences we have between the sexes. Nothing personal towards you in particular,.. (One would hope). I’d be patient with him and don’t show your frustrations or he will find you annoying and keep you shut out for much longer. He says anything towards you then you got things you both need to communicate and work on. If not then it’s just a guy thing like I said, give it time and nothing to worry about. Hope you the best.

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