Boy oh boy do I love hacking. I’m kind of getting frustrated with this one lecture on the ethical hacking course where I can’t download this one tool no matter how hard I try.

Then I have to wait a whole fucking 12 hours for the technical guy to reply to my message on the help forums and sometimes his reply doesn’t even help me. In fact, the whole course has just been me asking questions and hardly getting replies. Its tough man. Can you see why this would be frustrating?

Yeah well, it is. Anyways, now I bought this phython course to pass the time/do it while im taking the ethical hacking course. On days like these where I have to
wait for Chong to reply to me is a perfect time for me to do the other courses I bought including this one, social engineering, and hacking from an android.

I really want to have more Udemy courses for Christmas, but I always seem to get frustrated with them because they aren’t working properly. I don’t know. Maybe I got
into this too early? Should I have just stayed with security+? No. I would’t have been happy there. Here, I am happiest, even if it drives me crazy, I usually pray
that it will work out and God usually supplies an answer to my frustration. But on days like these when it gets hard, you just want to give up. Because everyone around you can do the thing that you’re trying so hard to achieve and no matter how hard you try you can’t do it by yourself and if you ask someone else it takes a FULL FUCKING DAY FOR THEM TO REPLY.

Now I know they have lives. I really do. But it sucks because I’m trying to further advance my knowledge and I have to depend on someone else that takes a whole
day to reply to do that for me.. I wish I had a real teacher. That would make life literally 1000000000x easier. Because if I had a problem, they could just
fix it right then and there. Anyways this was supposed to be short but, I started to rant.