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Has bullying and cruelty become normal?

I’m a high school student and everyday when I go to school I just can’t understand people. Beauty standards for girls today are completely absurd and people are willing to starve themselves to death to achieve the impossible body. As well as that larger people face massive hate for seemingly no other reason than that they’re fat. If there is another reason then feel free to say other wise. But something that drives me up the wall is the way that other students treat those with disabilities. Autism isn’t contagious, Down’s syndrome doesn’t make them less of a person!
There seem to be strange and twisted societal norms that requires people to do certain things, watch certain things, appear a certain way and act a very specific was towards specific groups.
How Highschool seems to work is that if you’re different or unique in anyway or are a GENUINELY nice person you’ll get hate. People won’t see this as bullying. It has become normal and I think people need to be educated on how to act like civilised human beings and stop being so fucking cuntish!




constantly feeling empty at night.


  1. Anonymous

    I think you should just focus on you and be happy with yourself and your flaws and spread kindness to others of all different types. I had no drama at all my last two years of high school just by deciding I was done with it and was just going to be nice to everyone and if people wanted to start shit I wasn’t going to play their games. Worked well. Get good grades, be kind. It passes. You can make friends with the people who have down syndrome and autism. I did too. And they were some of the most appreciative of my company. My best friend has autism, he is my little brother. I hate seeing him so afraid of school because of bullies. They could use people like you. And as for the girls who judge, don’t even treat them poorly either. Just ignore their bs, eventually it’ll catch on that you’re not a game player, just someone who is nice to everyone. Just let it go in one ear and out the other and give no fucks.

    And if someone tried talking shit about others to you, be upfront with them and tell them that it is wrong. I have several times and it always works out positively in the end.

  2. Iamtheetrashlol

    I totally agree,I would always get bullied and I felt that it was stupid because they would just nit pick every flaw I have.

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