I hate this grocery store for the way they treated my mother. I should first explain that although Mom is not technically disabled, she has arthritis and is sometimes in pain. Yesterday was one of those days. She politely asked for help twice in placing her groceries on the counter. When she was ignored, she asked loudly who she had to see to get some help. While this was going on, Mom saw at least two store employees who were standing around talking, obviously having nothing to do.

The bagger at that point helped her empty the cart. After she had paid, Mom expected them to ask if she needed help loading the groceries into her car. Not a word. The cashier starting ringing up the next customer and the bagger walked off. Mom was so upset that she called the store manager after she had slowly and painfully put all the grocery bags in her car. The manager offered a half-hearted apology. She sent an email to corporate but I doubt they care either.

Mom has been a loyal customer of this store for over 30 years. Even after the big box and super stores opened, she continued shopping there because the store is smaller and easier to navigate. But now she has decided not to return and I don’t blame her. Just because a disability is not visible, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Arthritis is very painful. After she got home, Mom brought the perishables inside and left the rest for me to unload when I got off work, which I gladly did.

Yes, the store has battery powered carts for folks like Mom but she won’t use them. She feels they should be left for someone who is worse off than herself.