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Heartbroken by first love

I know you’re not mine, and you’re not into relationships I think. I don’t know though probably you’re just not ready. But I’m really upset at myself by the fact that you think me differently now. I miss those times when we were close, but what did I exactly do that drift us apart. I know I have done stupid stuff, even that hurts your very closest best friend. I feel like destroy some of your friendship and I honestly have no intention to. But maybe you won’t ever understand after all I did. And the most hurtful part is that you’re my very first love out of my ex’s. You’re not even that good looking, but I accept you in any way. Now I don’t even know what to do, but as far as I do I just want you to be happy. I love you 🙂


my ex friends bf


Misleading signals


  1. Someone who has been there

    You’re don’t have the correct lock and the other person does have the correct key. If you respect the yourself and the other person, just leave and don’t look back. Otherwise you’ll be setting yourself up for some further disappointment.

    The first love is the hardest to get over with because there is no comparison, but it gets easier over time only if you allow transgression. Then you’ll only realize down the road that the first of anything is ancient history and trivial tripe.

  2. Anonymous

    i understand yr feelings because im going through the same shit.

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