Okay so I need to rant about my “best friend”

We became friends last year, we had been in all of each other’s classes for 3 years and not even noticing! At first, we just laughed and joked around and bitches about people- the “best friend” things.

But then lately I’ve been feeling that something isn’t right. We’d always joke about each other and pretend to fight but all of a sudden I can sense some sort of malice in her voice. As if she means what she’s saying.

I’m probably going to sound jealous but she’s also been kinda avoiding me and hanging out with other people and just ignoring me in general. Our snapchats conversations normally flow easily but now it’s just awkward. That is if we even talk on it.

I just feel like she’s bored of me but there’s nothing I can do be have I don’t want to lose her as a friend. Please help me lol