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I should have known.. you are taking a moment with me? No.. you are sitting with her. I should have been wiser.. realised you have to live your life. You are with her all those times you quickly go offline. And you have been spending time with her since last week.. and you only told me about it now. Typical really. And you have a romantic meal coming up with her. I bet i can guess what the evening is going to consist of because the children will not be home. I need to learn you are not mine. I cannot have you. And i should stop believing you when you say i can. I need to learn when to walk away. On that day i am not going to message you. Im going to let you make your own decisions. Its your life. And i am merely here being me. I will never fit in your life the way i wish i could. But that doesnt seem to stop me loving every part of you. God i love you. Someone take me away from this please.. im ready to find myself and leave everything behind.





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  1. Anonymous

    I feel sad for you. Too many single women in the world these days. Shame you tried and now realize your guy is just another cut-out. Make yourself better and stronger and attract a better type of male. Most importantly keep your humor, keep your positive side strong! Confidence baby!

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