Seperated by a screen, millions of miles apart
Yet it is only she that holds my heart
From geek outs to advice, her intelligence shows
Her mind is a garden , where the most beautiful flowers grow
Where the sea billows and foams with unmeasurable power
Gentle or soft, changing every hour
Like a tornado, with the strength to destroy a town
Like the rain, making the most soothing sound
The words come out, like a breeze on the hottest day
Like sunshine when the sky is gray
When she talks bad about herself, I can’t help but cry
About how she can’t see what she has, something you can’t buy
A fire, a light, something that can’t be put out
Through fear, anger, sadness or doubt
A determination no one dare oppose
A kindness that prevents any foes
No matter how bad she may feel
Or how rough the ordeal
I will stand with her with no questions asked
My support will remain steadfast
Though she does not know, I am under her control
She has everything, my heart and soul