ok so listen up. Ever since i was born, i’ve always had stuff wrong with me (medically). The biggest event of my life took place on November 17th, 2014, where I had my scoliosis spinal surgery, at the mere age of 11. Having scoliosis was and is extremely hard and difficult to live with. It’s a bone deformity and it changes the shape of the spine and the way that a person’s back looks. They detected it quite late on me, so by the time I went up for surgery, my spinal curve was at a whopping 70 degrees. Still to this day, one of my biggest insecurities is my back. I have a scar on the left side of my torso as well. To do my surgery, they had to break my left rib and then staple it back together and it still feels uncomfortable sometimes. Like, sometimes when I run, i feel it crackle and it just provides me with utter discomfort. Ok next. My teeth/jaw and my eyes. As a baby, I always had big eyes and still do. It’s something that is a part of me and will always be however, I also get natural shadows under my eyes which annoy me a lot. I’ve also had problems with my teeth and jaw. I was born with low Vitamin D (thanks mum), which is the primary cause of my bone deformities (with the spine and my teeth). I got braces about a year ago and am getting jaw surgery at the end of the year to fix my misaligned jaws. MY BIGGEST PET PEEVE IS WHEN PEOPLE SAY I AM GETTING COSMETIC SURGERY TO FIX MY JAW LIKE NO, YOU IGNORANT BASTARD, IF I DON’T FIX MY JAWS THEN MY BACK TEETH WILL FALL THE HELL OUT BECAUSE THEIR ROOT IS DISAPPEARING BECAUSE THEY’RE BEING OVERUSED. ok and like my eyes also have problems. I have a minus 3.5 power and astigmatism. I wear contacts which you put in at night and then take out in the morning, and you have perfect eyesight for the rest of the day. And today I noticed that my right eye kinda has double vision and now i’m scared that my astigmatism is getting worse ugh screw me. Also, i’M REALLY INSECURE and like it’s been ever since I got bullied in grade 6. i think that I’m too fat and have been trying to lose weight for ages. I have to go to iTALY IN 2 MONTHS and hopefully I can lose some weight before then. Overall, I suck at typing out rants because I prefer to verbally communicate issues which I have a lot to say in and basically, I just have heaps of medical issues (I only mentioned the main ones, every time I go to the doctor, I find out that there’s something else wrong with me and ugh) I’m also super insecure and I hope i become skinnier and prettier soon. I’m just so done with my life and I don’t want to sound ungrateful for the life that I have because i DO KNOW that i am very privileged but like at the same time, I don’t know if I can handle all of this. Call me weak, but I feel like giving up so many times. Ok thanks for listening to a very short and passionate version of a few of my life problems.