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Man……..Where to even start. Its 1 am and maybe its the romance movie I just finished watching. Or maybe its the story Ive been reading all day. But it just really has me thinking. I am in another hopeless relationship with not enough backbone to end it because I hate being alone. But ive been thinking lately that being alone is all I will be. I know that sounds morbid but Im a hopeless romantic. I honestly cannot help it. I have all these scenarios running in my head about the guy I will fall head over heels for. But honestly I think its ruining my current relationships. For one I dont feel good enough for my prince charming so I will settle for anything I feel I can get my hands on. I hat to settle in life, but when I even thinking about going after something else…..something I actually want I get sooo scared. I sound completely cliche.


My friend sucks


just rly angry @ life

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  1. Anonymous

    Hey there, come on…go easier on yourself. Look. No matter who you are with, you’re going to meet other people who in at least some aspects, are more attractive to you than your mate. It’s like this for everyone.

    If you think the relationship is dead, talk to your mate about it. There’s a chance your current boyfriend feels the same way. Yes, being alone can really suck. I’m going through that right now. But I can tell you from experience that it’s a lot worse when you feel stuck with someone for several years.

    In my current situation, I am very lonely and I miss intimacy on every level, but I have more freedom to do things that I like, without having to worry about how someone else might feel about it.

    Keep your head up and have a good talk with your guy. Maybe the two of you can work together and spark more liveliness in your relationship. And if it’s really done, you’ll at least have more freedom to pursue you until someone else comes along.

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