I don’t mind and respect you and your family’s thoughts and feelings, but I feel as if my feelings aren’t being respected at all when it comes to you making decisions without discussing it over with me first or ask about how I feel. I think and consider things that would be convenient for you and try to adjust to you. When you’re not feeling well, I simply ask if I should come visit instead of having you commute to my house and you could just simply say either yes or no. You say I can visit but then you’re not 100% sure if your family is comfortable with me being there. Okay. You tell me it’s culture thing. But it’s not like their first time seeing me or that it’s my first time being there. Then you say that it’s because your older cousin brought home his new girlfriend without telling them and your dad and sister were bragging about it. We’ve been together for almost 2 years and I’ve seen your family for a while. Whenever I visit, you never once told me that they were uncomfortable with me there. And then out of nowhere you tell me that they told you that they were uncomfortable. I understand and respect that is how they feel. But I can’t help to feel a bit hurt. Then you get all offended because of how I feel. You know what person I am and how I am. My feelings are my own and I have the right to feel such way. Why are you angry about my reaction? And I feel so insulted when you use everything I told you about me against me. Yes I have anxiety and may be too emotional at times. I feel insulted when you say there’s no point in wording things carefully and that harsh words are only to help me. Who are you to judge what’s the best for me and what’s not? You’re not me. I hate when you make assumptions of what people may think or feel instead of actually asking them about it. There’s something called communication. I feel insulted when you call me immature because I was triggered and instead of thinking of solution I got upset. I have my right to feel how I feel because I’m human. When you feel angry or upset about something, is your first reaction always to find solution first? I am a human and I am not perfect, neither are you. That’s not even why I feel so hurt. You say that to you, I am your girlfriend but to your family, I am just another person. I tell you it hurts when you say that and that I know already. Then you go on to say that I’m being sarcastic and keep repeating that I am only an outsider to your family unless we are engaged or married. It is just so hurtful and I just can’t forget it. You tell me that I am like part of your family and then you tell me otherwise. Please only tell me things when you mean it and don’t say shit if it’s not what you mean. You say that you only criticize and say harsh things to people you care and love. Do you do that with your family? No. At times, I wish you were more like your older cousin. I want to feel important and like your priority but I feel as if I am not, especially when you say hurtful things and that is only the truth and tell me to accept it.