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How I feel about modern day Christianity, being a Christian myself

Okay, I have always been a Christian. I grew up in a Christian household, I’ve gone to church since the beginning of my existence, but shockingly enough, when I was younger, I didn’t really believe in the word of God. Now that I’m older, I’m actually quite shocked that I’m pretty devoted to my religion. And I’ve actually been considering going into ministry. And it’s not because I’m scared that if I don’t completely devote my life to the Lord, I’ll end up burning in Hell or anything like that. It’s because I know that religion can seriously change people in need for better (or for worse on some occasions). So I just found this website, The Place To Rant, and I love how everyone can freely share their opinions. After all, it is YOUR opinion! But I saw some post in the religion section where some people are talking about Christianity and how hypocritical some Christians are, which I totally agree with! But the person said how they get annoyed with some people preaching about how “perfect God is” when our world is a living Hell. I also saw someone ranting about how there can’t possibly be a God because why would he make so-and-so suffer, or this happen. And I’ve totally been there before. Believe me, I’ve had my fair share of doubts. But I just want to clear some stuff up. I know, nobody is perfect. Everybody and I mean EVERYBODY sins! Because we were purposely born imperfect. No Christian is perfect. I am a sinner. I have cussed, I have doubted God before, I have stolen. But the point of Christianity is NOT to try and be perfect, but it’s to teach people to love each other for their imperfections and flaws. And to teach them that you WILL be loved no matter what. And I just feel like this whole message behind Christianity is being lost. There are Christians out there discriminating against the LGBT community when in reality, you should be accepting them for who they are. And there are Christians out there who are preaching against those who do not believe in what they believe in when we should be setting aside our differences and learning about each other’s cultures. There are even Christians out there who hate people of the opposite race, or opposite sex when the bible clearly states that all men where born EQUAL! So I just wanted to say that I, myself, accept you. And although it may seem that all of these Christians are trying to turn you into the holy, perfect, human that we are “suppose to be”, there are still Christians out there who want to preach the real meaning, and us few do not judge you. I just wish that we (and every other religion) didn’t have to be labeled by the stereotypes we are defined by. We’re all supposed to love our neighbor as ourselves. So I pray for all of you, and my friends, family, people I don’t know, my enemies, and myself. And I promised that you ARE loved, whether it seems like it or not.


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