I am so pissed of rn omg. my sister is annoying as hell my brother needs to shut the fuck up my dad is a ugly little bastard that acts like a fuckin five year old and my mom is just being a bystander acting like everything he puts me through i deserve or some shit. i am so annoyed rn i hate my family like why do i of all people have to be stuck with them i am so sick and tired of being so nice and acting like i am okay with everything when i know for a fact that i am not okay with it. i am not gonna continue this shit i am so sick of living here. my dad took my phone and lied and staid he pays the billll that irrelevant ass nigga barely makes any money my mom does all of that shit and my mom just had a baby in april she does more ad than him 25/8 and he had the audacity to act like he is big a dn bad no nigga you are pathetic and wirthlesss and i hate you. he took my phone for not cleaning a mess that he told the twins to clean up as if i some made for the twins fuck no. he tells the twins to clean up their own mess so do i and my mom why would i continue to clean up the messes that they are perfectly capale of cleaning up . they are eight and when i was eight i was doing so much more than them and i still managed to conitnue to be clean and now all of a sudden i am their maid? fuck no no maam
i did my best being helpful to my mom as much as i could and now im in highschool and i wayyyy busier and i like being by myself i just hate being here they want perfect kids and when they didnt get perfect kids they started to treat the ones they have terrible. and my grandma is here so i cant sleep in my room anymore. im so annoyed right now honestly i cant even spell right lmao and i won all the spelling bees from 2nd grade till 8th grade lmaoooo and im so mad i cant spell anymore wowwwww