I can’t get my act together lately over finances or study time. house work or even my pet time. my pets are just plain spoilt children who demand a lot from me. sometimes they stress me out so much if they won’t eat food or want something and I need to study. I need some work fast. something easy and not much thinking involved. my pets give me huge stress when they are sick. years ago they didn’t get half these problems and years ago you could get a babysitting job or house or other cleaning job with proving your some circus act as well. you didn’t need references or police checks or blue cards, people just flaming well had a look at you and weighted up if they could trust you. all the checks and cards in the world won’t stop someone being harmful if they chose to be. that is the joke. no course is going to make you love babysitting or cleaning? its not a science or academic thing its just what we do everyday.

I am too stressed due to too many regulations that are really just stopping people getting work. get rid of the red tape and get the action and cash is what I say.