I was out and walked passed a man in a fireman’s or police or ambulance uniform and he was a tall dark haired man in this mid 30s to 40s and he just passed me by and didn’t even make eye contact or say hello and it was late in afternoon just as the dusk was coming down and we were the only people there. you mean he couldn’t have just said hi or smiled. or a nod for acknowledgement? years ago people would do that. I mean I am about his age and I am single and dateable and I should think he should want to look my way and be nice to me. I hate the way just because I am short and overweight I am treated like I don’t exist or that I don’t have womanly needs and desires and passions and deserve to be noticed for the woman I am ! god , I had to notice people I didn’t like or didn’t want to, so would it hurt MR BIG IMPORTANT to be nice to a MISS NOBODY? if he had played his cards right he could have got a date and more. why are these men around my age so stupid and insensitive you would swear I was 80 no 40. that is why i am thinking about walking around in business suits even with no job to look important and then they might notice me, but hey I did that years ago at university and they didn’t notice me. why?