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Husband is a JERK

I am so sick of his shit. The biggest problem is that he is SO facetious all the time! If I do something he doesn’t like, or pick a fucking restaurant he doesn’t like (after he argues with me for an hour, saying no you pick) he won’t come out and say it, he will give me a fucking attitude FOR THE REST OF THE EVENING, mumbling, as though I ruined his entire day. He complains about EVEYTHING. If I can get through one single day when he is in a good mood for 3 minutes, it’s a good day. I work so hard to make him happy, and he repays me by criticizing everything I do. I used to work full time, he didn’t like it. I didn’t work at all for a long time, he didn’t like it. Now I work part time, and he doesn’t like it. I am his fucking doormat. Then he wonders why I never want to have sex with him. He makes me so fucking sick!! I have never met anyone in my life as miserable as him. I come from a family that is upbeat about everything, and yes, we have all had our very hard times and hit rock bottom, but we still had a good attitude about life. Ever since we got together 10 years ago, he has brought me down with him. I am always working so hard to please him, but it’s never enough. He tries to make everyone think that he is trapped in his situation, and that it’s my fault. He has convinced all of his friends that I won’t let him go out with them and that I’m the reason he works all the time, and has to do all this overtime. Actually, the reason he works all the time is that he is a fucking 34 year old security guard, who has been in the same job, making the same shit pay for 15 YEARS!! Yet somehow everything that is so bad about his life is because of me. It doesn’t matter how much I support him, or tell him he could do so much better. He LOVES to stay in his little predicament so he can play the victim. As soon as my son gets a little older, my husband’s dumb ass is out the fucking door!! LATER DOUCHEBAG!!


This is why…..




  1. C

    Give him the best blow job of his life and then while he’s at work the next day, pack everything you can fit in your car and leave him. And just leave the divorce papers with a plate of cookies on the counter for him. He will be so confused!

  2. valsy

    Leave him! No one has the right to belittle and drain you! Kids are resilient, your son will be fine!!

  3. Anonymous

    I think you need to try and make it work. Splitting up won’t fix anything. The arguments will still be there and how is your son going to deal with it?

  4. Anonymous

    you’ll only suffer more from staying with him longer .. this is going nowhere

  5. Anonymous

    Get out! Now!!!!!!!!! He’s an asshole that makes you miserable. You only have one life- be happy. He’s not doing that. Get rid!

  6. Anonymous

    Why all the down votes? I don’t think it’s helpful at all.

  7. Anonymous

    I think the best thing would be to leave him quite soon. If you are drained he is going nowhere, he will take you with, more than he is now.

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