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Husband’s officemates are annoying

I don’t get it. My husband’s workplace are full of assholes. And they are taking him to be like them.

Most of the guys there cheated to their spouse.
I’ve caught some of them texting my husband, trying to take him to prostitution massage place.
They are always gambling, drinking, them they’ll call him to pick them up.
They always fucked up their money and ask him to lend them some.
They always try to take him out, having some “bros outing”, dinner together at some bar like they don’t have any family waiting at home.

My husband doesn’t like them and is always avoiding them. But they keep on asking shamelessly, making its hard to say No and he was worried that they’ll do anything that will jeopardize his office work.

And the girls, the girls are more annoying.

I’ve caught 3 of them, texting him almost everytime he get off work.
Asking, “honey, where are you?”
“Honey, why do you get off work early?”
“Honey, come and pick me up, my car broke down”

No, don’t get this wrong, he is not cheating on me because he never replied any of the text. He even asked them to stop disturbing him, but no, they have fun teasing him. Wtf.

I even called the girls and they just simply said, “sorry, it’s just fun seeing him getting all mad”.

I seriously want him to get out from that workplace of all assholes.
But it’s hard to find another job.

Help! 😭😭😭😭😭😭


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  1. Ugly duck

    If the females calling him honey in texts know he is marred and are aroll talking like rhat in texra that makes them homewrecking trampa who have no respect for you and the moment an opporrunity arises. they will movw in for the kill and try ro steal him feom you.

    If those whores had any respect for you they would stop texting your husband.

    Dont wory karma is very real and one they those tramps will get a taste of their own medicine.

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