Just want to say something to anyone, really. Gets a bit lonely living by yourself on the road.

I texted my daughter earlier today and she was all suspicious – Why do you want to come over? I replied ‘well, I was thinking a quick coffee, not to move in’. Creeped me out to be honest.

Free Power (New Zealand/Taupo/Paeroa):

Two spots – First, the old Riverside campground near the Countdown shopping thingy. The campground was decommissioned, but they left the power points active. Most still work.

Second, all the way along the marina by the lake (Lake Ferry Marina) are (heaps of) active power points + good clean water. Sneak in there after dark once everyone has buggered off and charge your laptop. You’ll need a campervan plug though.

Noticed a normal plug outlet by Pak n Save Taupo last night, by the all-night sign. Haven’t checked it though.

If you’re up in Paeroa, go to the Marshall Street reserve, next to the 24-hour toilets. There’s free power there (campervan plug) – You’re supposed to pay at the nearby Caltex, but no-one ever does.