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sigh. i feel like shit. my boyfriend is now feeling how he makes me feel most of the time and he hates it. he experienced some complications today while taking a drivers test and subbsiquently failed even though he really did not do anything wrong. he came home and told me about it. he says he wants time with me. (we are far away so therefor we skype) as usual he is on the computer doing whatever he is doing and i sit quietly on my end crochetting. i try to get his mind off things by talking. he doesn’t look at me but he answers me. i ask him if he can go get something so we can do an activity together to make him feel better. he gets it but he only does a little and puts it down. this kind of upset me because i am trying to make him feel better and he doesn’t want to cooperate. because we are skyping there isn’t very much more i can do to help. i tell him how i feel about him putting down the thing and he starts to act like he feels bad. i stop looking at him and now do what he does: talk and concentrate on something else. i understand that he has had a hard day and all and it probably wasnt nice for me to do what he does to me EVERYDAY (no matter how much i tell him i dont appreciate it) but i just wasnt in the mood. i mean i aAM trying to help. there isnt much i can do. and he gets all sad. saying todays been a hard day an hes emotional and whatever but him ignoring me when he says he wants me to help is NOT the way to show that he really appreciates what im trying to do for him. and i am getting more and more upset as i type this because its not fair for him to want me to be super duper nice and warm and loving 100% of the time and when we are on a call he barely even looks at me and insists he’s listening. i feel like im drifting further and further away from him and i really need him in my life. idont know what i would do without him but i feel very unappreciated. he gets super upset when i do exactly what he does to me every single day no matter how i feel. i still try to be a good girlfriend and help out and be there to support him. but how am i supposed to do that when i feel like he isnt really paying attention to me half the time. i know its stupid to get angry over something like this but this is really a big deal for me… how do i approach this? what do i do now….


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  1. Anonymous

    I think you need to have a serious conversation with him, make him understand how this is making you feel. There might be something you don’t know that is making him act this way, and you have to give him every chance to tell you. It might not be bad, but until you have completely disclosure, it will become more and more difficult to trust each other, and to fix it.

    The obvious thing to say is that if you feel strongly enough to write this, then you probably should try and sort it out asap, and to answer your question about what you’d do without him? Probably just get on with life, it would be sad for a while, but there is life after love (a great prophet once said that – Cher incase you were wondering).

    You deserve to be happy, and appreciated, but you owe it to each other to try and fix it, if you try and fail then you can’t have any regrets, thats just life 🙂

    Good luck!

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