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i am not second

i am not second. i shouldnt be second. i am worth exactly the same as you. i may not be as pretty or as smart or as fast, but that doesnt make me worth any less. it is not fair that your needs should come before mine. my needs are just as important as yours. i am not useless. you are not better than me. you are not some untouchable being. i am not trash. we are the same. i am not second. i shouldnt be second.




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  1. Anonymous

    If it makes you feel better, I’m 165 pounds, lazy, a procrastinator, a crooked nose, coarse hair, back acne, yeast infection, hemorrhoids, no friends, piece of shit daughter. So hopefully, even if you don’t believe you’re worth first place, at least, rest assure that you’re not worth last place. You’ll always be in the middle and that’s mediocre and that’s okay.

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The place to rant