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I asked for a refund and they won’t

holiday club cartels that are stealing money from members are platinum holidays, cruisemega store, classic holidays and premium flights and there are more likely to be run by a larger corporate body who are just trolling and abusing people. I wanted to take a holiday but the company are so alien and troll they just will not compromise. I really hope someone attacks these companies down. Platinum and cruise mega store are the worst bullying trolls out. They are not human. I really need my refund if they won’t honor the business deal. they have bullied me for over 2 or 3 years all these companies and they are scamming cartels. I seriously hope someone bashes Edwards up and some bikey gang , gang rapes them and kills them. harsh words and actions for harsh people!


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  1. Anonymous

    oh my god maybe the wicca spell is working ?

  2. Anonymous

    i am so scared of wanting to murder them. god help me. quickly.

  3. Anonymous

    i think the companies are abusing me because i was called a tranny granny and that is hurtful

  4. some die hard for bad deeds

    that is good you did that return to sender wicca spell craft to defend yourself against those companies because ill gotten gains are just that that will bring bad luck and illness to that person and it sounds like that their curse and force and cunning will they become their own victim by not honoring your contract or being responsive in a professional manner, good for you for giving them their dirt spell back and say it and return to sender and send it back to you my finances and work and love it will be by their own doing ! a million times over like those who rape you and hurt you. their lives will burn out completely before their time.

  5. fvckers get killed platinum holiday club ceo

  6. jessvont87

    there is no decent quality people in the world anymore cuz not many people have the courage to take the immoral on. at least you do. you should keep fighting them and be rude and childish back to them. I think as customers and invitees to places we need to learn to be rude to our inviters and businesses if they are going to be to their guests etc. learn to be rude back.


    I just wanted to check if your company has any dealings with the following –
    premium, cruise megastore, classic holiday club and platinum holiday club?
    these companies have been bullying and trolling me in secession for the past 2 or more years
    I believe them to be a scam and I asked for a refund and cruise megastore and platinum holiday club have been the most bullying attacking aliens I had had the misfortune of meeting. I wanted to find out
    if I could get a domestic fligt with virgin or another company without a passport but with other id platinum refused to pay and then also refused to refund me and revoke my so called membership. Its just a membership to insults. If a gym membership or other memebership hung up on me while on hold twice I would be insulted so I don’t see why I should have to tolerate it from Platinum holiday club. I am a disability pensioner single and living in financial hardship and I am worried that this company is trying to make beggars of white single women, and out of the vulnerable and its disgusting that plantinum holidays are operating such unprofessional disgusting services to their members. I just want to warn airlines and business TO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE HOLIDAY CLUBS AND COMPANIES WHO ARE SCAMMING FROM THE POOR AND DISADVANTAGED. ITS SO IMMORAL AND SOMEONE HAS TO STAND UP FOR WHAT IS MORALLY RIGHT IN THIS WORLD. I DON’T ASK FOR MUCH IN RETURN THAN SOME RESPECT AND A FAIR GO IN LIFE. AT LEAST I AM NOT A SERIAL MURDERING SERIAL MARRYING LOVE FREAK LIKE SOME FAMOUS PEOPLE ARE.

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