I have noticed how much australia in the past 20 years has been left to go like america with un-regulated business and products that are tacky and faulty and scams going on. poverty has got worse and mateship which was what australia was all about has gone. we used to have good business standards here and ethics and government policies about fairness and now everything has gone so DOG, over GOD. everywhere asians go they bring crime and isolation to the towns people we having our lives stolen from us and no one is going to stand up for our rights put one nation and a few others. everything here is being a hustler. a single mother with a hustle and bully henchmen gang or your nothing. I think its clearly been a move to push australia out of the commonwealth and fend for itself. we let too many foreigners in as well. stealing govt jobs and then the white kids can’t get ahead here. all these islanders and maoris and some of them are more evil then the australian aboriginal and they are even walking over the asians and aboriginals here because they are such a fighting tribal groups and all that bs of peaceful stuff is just sales for travel agency and tourism. there is nothing peaceful about them at all. the australian middle class white dream has been stolen from us. there is no hope here in this country for me and it been that way for over 30 years. certain groups of people are not getting ahead or getting their rights. no jobs for white australians anymore and all people say “Oh white australian kids and middle aged people are lazy and the aboriginals are lazy” but we are being pushed out of work and education. everything is the pacific islander and maori here and indians, parkis and arabs and asians , africans all ripping us whites off. I feel like slapping everyones face into a action group and doing something bout it cuz pauline has a lot of supporters but they are afraid to speak up and tell their stories of how they been abused by these groups, by germans and italians and other cultures here. we have had enough of it. we have no pop music even. no tv that is proudly fun loving australia. no icons to admire really other then on youtube. there is no one in australian society at all who is a role model, not 1 politician or businessmen or personality. If I hear that Katrina Rowntrees annoying overdone voice one more time I swear I will scream. I have heard and seen better. I mean I am not saying I would do her job and I don’t want it but I met better who just teach it.
and politness and manners and all the young do now is act boastful and ego driven and drink and rape and rob and they all think they are big time in the lowest of jobs.

once they get a basic office govt call center job the mr/mrs bitchy bully comes out and its like their own ring of power apart from their own asshole blowing.

no one marries here, but lots of kids with awful parents. slut like whore fashionistia mothers and party moms. everyone has forgotten how to work and be nice and cultured. its so sad here. I see so many very sad cases. how are we supposed to get ahead and get a date when everywhere you go not welcome? someone let me in and help me and talk to me and like me and care. god sake please.