It’s been a few months and I still don’t understand how a person like you could have done something so incredibly messed up and be so happy while I’m miserable and left with deep emotional trauma because of you. I did my best in the relationship, travelled to see you at your college, picked up whenever you called (even if it was 3 am and you were getting out of a party and drunk). I did so much because I loved you and wanted for you to be the best version of yourself. And what did I get in return? You stopped answering my texts and left me on read. When I put my pride down and called you, the voice I heard was distant and cold. And then I found out you were talking and seeing someone else 2 weeks later. Through social media. You never apologized to me in person. You said you were going to feel too bad and not know what to say in person. I couldn’t even get that. I got a half assed apology over text and even then, I was still nice to you. I held back so much because I really thought good in you would eventually come out and own up properly to what you did. But it never came. I was disrespected and felt so cheated with my emotions. You threw me away and I was left alone from one day to another. So now you got an amazing girlfriend, took her home for the holidays, seem to be living a great life. All your friends think you’re amazing but I just see the true character underneath that “nice” act. Karma hasn’t gotten to you yet but I hope you at least learn from what you did to me. I seriously want to be forgotten of any memories of you. I’m so over being hurt and furious over someone who doesn’t care about me. I used to say not getting to know you early in my life was the biggest mistake I made but I take it back. Falling for you will always be the biggest mistake of my life. All I learned from you was that sweet people can ruin the emotional stability you spent years getting to. I hope you soon feel what I’ve been feeling and that you never hurt anyone like this ever again.