So I’m really good friends with this girl Sophia and we’ve spent lots of nights watching a new season of our favorite show together and if I’m completely honest I kinda had feelings for her. I wasn’t head over heels but it was kinda a casual crush more. This school year I have gym and band with Sophia and my other friend Eleanor. School started just two weeks ago and they met eachother only on the first day. I found out that they’re going to homecoming together as a date and I feel kinda confused. Sophia is demisexual which of course I don’t know exactly how she feels but I know that Demi people generally get to know people well before they start dating. I’m kinda worried that I’ll become an awkward third wheel. I have had so much fun with Sophia and we’ve been friends for about a year now and she’s one of my best friends. But now all of a sudden she meets Eleanor and they’re super close and it’s just weird for me. And, as I mentioned earlier I kinda had feelings for Sophia but I guess I just never expected her to start dating in high school and I didn’t really worry about my feelings for her getting ugly but now this all happens. Another thing to complicate matters is that last year, my friends Linnea and Gratia were really good friends with Eleanor but they said that she ended up being super manipulative so they kinda dumped her from the friend group. I was kinda trying to casually unfriend her because I hate confrontation but now Sophia is so close to her and I just hate this so much