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I Feel Like a Cheater

I had a dream last night that I f*cked one of my best friends. I’m currently dating a girl and I love her a lot, and my best friend is a boy but I platonically love him a lot. He’s also super gay, but I think he sort of likes girls. My girlfriend mentioned she had a dream where we all had a threesome and I was in the middle, and after my dream, I kind of want that to happen. But she would never be okay with it, so I respect that. Even though I’m not acting on it, I still feel like a cheater for it even having crossed my mind. 🙁


the crush on the teacher



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  1. TPP

    Fantasy is part of life and okay. Repressing stuff is bad. I know that I’m some anonymous voice from the Internet but believe me when I tell you I know what I’m talking about. Fantasizing about it is one thing, acting on it is another, and if you feel the need to do so, then that’s a different conversation you need to have.

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