So I was around on Instagram and I saw a picture of me (it was blurry ok) and I didn’t remember being there but I didn’t think too much of it …. but I was circled and I thought that it was a bullying kind of thing. I got really mad for some reason and unfollowed them and dmed them asking “what is this?”
They were like “oh it’s some conga line it was really funny!”
And I said, “ok. why am i circled?”
And they said, “lmao it’s not you”
So I got REALLY embarrassed. Tried to play it off cool like “haha my b! have a nice summer guys” but obviously i looked like an idiot.
So … it ended up with them doing NOTHING wrong whatsoever and me being an asshole. I think my sister was in the pic, but I didn’t want to say that in case it wasn’t and then I would have looked like MORE of a fool!
And it doesn’t help that me and my sister are asian … GOD I’M SO EMBARRASSED.
Good thing they’re graduating so I’ll never have to see them again. They might tell their friends though, and we have mutual friends and I think I would die if anyone found out.
I feel like such a jerk!