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Why is my life a lie? No one has ever cared for me truly. They all hate me. They don’t know me at all. I guess because I have let them tell me to do stuff and I have let them push me around they don’t actually know me. They just do whatever they want and when I tell them no they yell at me or say I’m acting out. They also make fun of me because I’m turning 13 this year but am the size of an average 6-8 year old. They make fun of me developing and how I will never be loved. Anytime they make me sad, mad, or annoyed, I just bottle it up. I have done this ever since i can remember. This is a problem and my bottle has only broken once. When I was 8. I cried alone for around 2 hours in the bathroom and no one cared… except my dad and mom. Now my mom is confused why I am crying and my dad doesn’t even know I’m crying because he is at work. – a n o n y m o u s


Sister Troubless


Im Trapped

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    please be honest with ur family and loved once tell them how u feel or they will never know plus ur in the stage where u feel emotional u need to let it out

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