school sucks. i’m tired of being told that the reason i’m not succeeding is because of me, when it isn’t. it’s the teacher. let me just describe what my AP world history teacher is like. so. he gives you a lecture full of notes for 50 minutes, 3 times a week. over the course of a week we have to read a 45 paged chapter in this thicc ass book. imagine. memorizing 150 min worth of lecture and 45 pages of small text writing. with nO STUDY GUIDENFKECKDKCKWKEK. WHAT THE FUCK DUDE. HOW AM I SUPPOSEDNTO REMEMBER EVeryTHING. did i mention you have a week to do this. please cry for me, i’m crying for myself. plus i don’t care about history. all i care about is the bubonic plague, bufo toads, and shi huangdi. that’s all. also if u feel bad enough pls feel free to paypal me money.. THANKS.