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I hate being a lawyer

I hate my job. I hate this industry. I hate the fact that I can’t quit. I want to be a baker but that is frown upon in my society, so here I am, trapped in a office working for more than 14 hours a day, only to be criticized for not being a good enough lawyer. Maybe I am not a good lawyer, because I hate doing it so much. There is no purpose in what I do, I do not fucking care who gets his money owed by the contractor, i do not care if any company is facing winding up. I DO NOT CARE. I want my life back, I miss my family, my friends, my passion and my happiness. I hope and know in my heart that I am not the only one who feel the same. I am to stop feeling tired. Please help me.




don’t like ballet anymore

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  1. Anonymous

    you should leave it then I gave up the degree myself it was no longer worth fighting the world just to get a law degree.

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The place to rant