so basically, i like one of my best friends. we’ve been friends for a while now, and i consider us really close. but, i have absolutely no idea where these feelings came from. i never used to see them that way, so i really don’t understand. i figured out more recently how i feel, and its been a fucking exhausting ride since then. yeah ive had my typical crushes and shit, but i kinda feel like this is a bit different. first off, i 100% know they see me as a friend. i know how Typical it sounds, but its true. they didnt tell me directly, but i can just feel it. second, the feelings literally came out of nowhere? like one day we were talking like friends do, and then they laughed and my heart practically fluttered. so i just, dont get it. we’re in a friend group together too, and im stressed that somebody will sense my feelings and i dont want that. i dont wanna ruin the relationship we have, theyre probably my closest friend. i really hate feelings