This is in the family section because a school problem turned to a parent problem. So I am a junior in high school, am stressed out of my mind, and have probably gotten 15 hours of sleep the past 4 nights. I am a pretty good student, and even though I take very advanced classes, I have only had one B in my entire high school career (so far all A’s). I have never cheated on a test, stolen, or done something even remotely illegal as even having a beer. I started a volunteering and donation club at my school, make sandwiches every month for the homeless, and am active in my youth group and church. But I guess my parents think that I’m a lazy piece of sh*t who’s not worth the time of day. I have a B in dual enrollment history, and my parents made it a priority to nag me about it. “It’s your first college class and you’re getting a B!?!?” and “you spend a billion hours on your phone and not enough time studying (false- I study my ass off)” are just a few things I’ve heard. But I guess yelling at me for 45 minutes (meanwhile, I clean the kitchen and do their dishes, hmmm) is a better use of my time than studying. As if I lack self-motivation and do not put enough effort into school (because A’s in AP classes are easy to get 🙂 It happens every time I struggle in a class, and I’m not even surprised or angry anymore, I’m just tired of it. And did I mention I hate the subject of History? It’s so damn pointless; I’ve never met a historian in my life, and unless you actually dig up artifacts, I don’t see your purpose. High school history involves 0% knowledge of historical facts and concepts, and 100% luck on knowing where to find the quizlet, and teaches spend the entire period giving busy work, putting on movies, or lecturing us on abstract BS we could just read straight from the book. Easy, but it rewards laziness and punishes hard work, and is based all on luck. Sorry for anyone I may have offended; I really do think History is legitimate and important (we need to know about our past to improve our future), but I find it pointless at the high school and college level. Good luck to anyone in US History 🙂