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i hate it here

high school is one of the most stressful things ive ever been forced to do. theres test and quizzes and homework and the teachers suck and girls are fake and guys are assholes and the building is falling apart. there are two reasons i stay in this hell hole. 1. i live 5 seconds away 2. drama club. i would leave if it didnt mean not being able to see my friends. i need them in my life to live. but i fucking hate it here. this place is awful. im sure ill look back on high school and laugh about it. but for now, i hate it here.


Existential Crisis



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  1. babablacksheep

    Same dude. I hate highschool too. All the girls in my class are fake af and all they care about is weed and bogie. And then there are those guys who think they’re all that and puhlease you’re not fricking cute. The guys in my school are so damn mean and they all have an attitude. I have a couple of guy friends but I think 3 quarters of them are gay.

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