Okkay let me start off by saying dont judge me for what im about to rant about it might be a stupid reason, but im pissed about it so dont fucking judge me. Okay so after everyone at my moms work found out she had cancer they all sympathized to her and bought her a bunch of gift cards. and one of them was to a Chinese food place ( just to let you know she has not used one single gift card and yet when i ask to go out to eat she says oh we have no money THERE IS FUCKING 20 GIFT/ CARDS RIGHT THERE!!!!) so on a Friday i asked her can we have Chinese and she said no well have it monday and monday rolls around and its already fucking six thirty and i say i thought we were having Chinese tonight and she just fucking ignored me and i know she heard me! i just get so annoyed because we have had these damn gift cards for over a year and she has yet to use it. she probably uses them for herself when she is sneaking off with her boyfriend even though she is still FUCKING MARRIED!!!!!! GOD I FUCKING HATE HER AT SOMETIMES!!!