My best friend has recently found a boy that she likes very much. There is nothing wrong with him, he is polite and well dressed and cares for my friend. However, I hate him. I really genuinely dislike him. It is very frustrating because no one else shares my feelings for him, all our other friends are happy that my friend is happy and they even like the boy. But when I think about them being together, I am overcome with a deep sadness. I can’t explain how upset this has made me. I feel like my friend and I are less close now, and that this has come between us (despite him not being around very much at all). I have even told her how I feel, and she has said that it makes her very upset to hear I dislike him so much. When she told me that I felt even sadder because I really care for her and the last thing I want is to upset her in any way. I just can’t cope with the idea of them being together. I want her to be happy, but this is making me unhappy. I don’t know what to do. I can’t be glad for her when I feel this miserable. It’s very hard to even be around her at the moment, thinking about them together. What is making me feel this way I don’t know. I’m so damn sad.