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I hate my dad

he doesn’t understand and I fucking hate it. He doesn’t understand that I’ve wanted to cry and kill myself for the past week because of my fucking grades. He doesn’t understand what it’s been doing to me. It made me depressed and my fucking FATHER doesn’t even get it. He tried to shove my sister’s report card in my face. I don’t care if he was trying to show me a failing grade or a good grade, he kept yelling at me “No, you don’t get it!” GET WHAT? FUCKING GET WHAT? YOU DON’T GET HOW I FEEL. I don’t want to see that my sister did well, I don’t want to see that she failed! I just don’t want to see it AT ALL. I want to rage and curse and scream at him because I hate him so much right now. He already bothered me about grades once today and I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW YOU DON’T HAVE TO TELL ME!!!! I’ve looked at it and hated myself for days but you HAVE to come back and tell me AGAIN?? I’m so angry. It took me days to get over what I felt, hiding my tears from everyone, but he doesn’t even understand how much it took! I want to scream but I can’t. I want to break something but I can’t. I want to run away but I can’t. I want to die but I can’t. All I can do is cry and I hate it so much.




Effing Day


  1. ThisEarthSucksMonkey

    *understand because he’s not giving you a chance. Try to tell him what you feel.

    Think about how you can improve and ways you can fix the situation independently

  2. ThisEarthSucksMonkey

    You know what?! NEVER. EVER. Let ANYONE put you down even if your mom, dad, sister, uncle, cousins ! Don’t hate yourself! Love yourself! Don’t stress out because of school. Does it look like teachers stress about you? No. If your family doesn’t care then don’t care about them! If they don’t care about your marks then keep it to yourself, don’t cry just enjoy yourself because you only have 1 life to live and no ones asking you to die. Who cares about your sisters marks, that’s her brain not yours. Do you, Do your life.

    And don’t even bother talking to the guidence councilor, they don’t help with ANYTHING all they do is call your parents and say complete BS about how you should see a doctor or something. I was in a similar situation about a year back and I took charge myself. I fixed the situation by ignoring the negativity around me and did things alone.

    Tell your dad that he does not under

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